Question Traders Forget to Ask

Question Traders Forget to Ask

Congratulations!! You have read loads of guides on CFD / Forexs trading, you have spent time looking over the shoulders of your mentors, you have carried out research to determine the best brokers and platforms, and you are set to make your first profit in moments. You may believe that you have done everything possible to ensure that you are ready for trading, but, you will be surprised to find that there are a few critical questions that you have not yet asked. These are those questions that could transform your trading experience.


Can I really make money as a beginner with Binary Options trading?

beginner with Binary Options trading

With everyone talking about how easy it is to make a quick profit with Binary options trading, it is necessary to determine whether you can get a quick and substantial payout as a beginner. If this answer was looking to get you hooked on a website, it would be a clear, yes of course. However, this answer is more about bringing the truth to you, and so the answer is maybe. There are several factors that will affect your overall success. To begin with, you need to have done excellent research and to be prepared to trade. You also need to be committed, both mentally and with your time. This will help you become prepared. Even with all this preparation, making money will be a journey and not something automatic. Prepare yourself to take the time necessary to get it right.


Is the money that I deposit going into a segregated account?

segregated account

When you put your money with a CFD / Forexs broker, you need to be sure that it is safe and secure. Asking about a segregated account is the way to ensure that your finds a safe. With a segregated account, your finances and those of the broker are kept separately at all times. This means that if anything was to go wrong with the broker, you would still be able to get back the funds that you have put in. Brokers that have segregated accounts are less likely to be rogue operators who are looking to scam potential traders.


I love the idea of Binary Options Trading, but I do not have the time to commit to it. Are there any options?

time to commit

The simple answer is yes, there are options with Binary Options trading that can give you returns. In some cases, these automated software is also referred to as a CFD / Forexs bot.


How Quickly Can I Withdraw and Back Away?

Withdraw and Back Away

As you start trading, you may be lucky and benefit from everything going your way and having consistently successful trades, or you may realize that CFD / Forexs trading is not enough for you and you want to back away and leave. Usually, you can withdraw the funds that you have deposited within a few days, but in many cases, you will be prevented from doing so by enthusiastic brokers who want to retain your business. The key to getting back your money on time is to be firm, especially when dealing with a broker. Do not expect to get the money back within a day, it will more likely take upwards of a week, especially if by all indications it appears that you will be closing your account. If you are dealing with a fraudulent broker, then you will receive excuses and delays. However, with a legitimate broker, you will be told exactly when you should expect your full withdrawal.