Comparing Binary Options Brokers

Comparing Binary Options Brokers

The easiest way to make a wise decision is to ensure that you have all the information that you need at your fingertips. With Binary Options Brokers, you are required to compare the different sites, so as to ascertain what resource they have and compare those with what is provided. This is a quick and simple way of establishing what would be the right site to interact with. The points that you should try to compare can be done using the following steps: —



  1. Determine whether the options trader you are with has a license that enables them to operate. This license will also state whether or not they are regulated, and which country this regulation is in. When you come across a site that has not been regulated, you may choose not to trade on this site as there is no guarantee that your funds will be safe.
  2. Compare the star ratings that they customers have given the site. Sites that give excellent quality get a five star. Make sure you choose site who have a star rating of four and above. To find out why they were given a rating of five stars, go through their reviews for insight on what they loved about the different sites.
  3. Establish the number of assets that are available for trade. Once you have completed this, you should evaluate the different options that are available on your site. Typically, sites with more assets are also more appealing.
  4. Look at the minimum deposit between the brokers, and use the most popular broker as the primary template. If prices are 10% higher or lower than the minimum deposit for the top company, those brokers should not be considered.
  5. The percentage payout should also be compared, and a value that is above 70% is accepted. Values that are very low or too high indicate problems with the company, and there could be issues with long term sustainability.
  6. Compare the deposit and withdrawal values and intervals. If the accompanying processes are straightforward, that can be an advantage.
  7. Find out whether the sites that you are comparing have demos available, and what conditions surround the demos.
  8. Compare the bonuses and terms and conditions surrounding bonuses. This is essential as they can affect your ability to withdraw money when you need it.
  9. Check the customer support that is available from the sites, and determine how helpful they are, what options are available, the number of languages that are spoken, and whether they are effective and can help you resolve your problems.
  10. Determine whether trading signals are being offered but the broker.
  11. Determine whether there is the option to use an auto trading robot on the brokers that you are comparing.
  12. Make a comparison based on the returns that are available following a successful trade.


You will find a table that includes all the information that has been mentioned in the site. Where you see a listing for each casino, take the time to go through a detailed and unbiased review of the site. This review also includes valuable insight from the customers.


From this information, there are two main CFD / Forexs brokers sites which have stood out as ticking close to all the boxes. The site that appears to be the best in the market, with an excellent minimum deposit value, good management and an incredible range of assets is 24Option. This award winning broker continues to excel. The site that was the runner up in regards to meeting all the criteria for comparison was Banc De Binary.