The Four Mistakes Binary Options Traders Make

traders mistakes

Binary Options Trading is simple to master for traders of all levels, and it is this simplicity that causes traders to take things for granted. When they do, they begin making mistakes which can cost them a significant amount of their investment in the long run. Before you dive into CFD / Forexs trading, you should be aware of the possible mistakes that you will make. Whether you are a professional or starting out, you can get caught up in these. Even though you are extremely careful and have thought everything out, these mistakes are so common that it is unlikely that you will realise you have done something wrong until it is too late. Watch yourself and prevent the following: –


Mistake 1: Your Starting Deposit


On many CFD / Forexs trading sites, the more you deposit, the better the benefits that you could receive. You will find that these brokers have standard accounts, bronze, silver and gold accounts, and even platinum accounts that promise you a host of VIP benefits. When you make the decision on what to deposit, you must consider the risk that you are willing to take, the price of each trade (at a minimum), and how trustworthy the broker is.

Beginners should reign in their ambition, and begin trading with the minimum allowed deposit, or perhaps a little more than that. At the same time, when making a deposit on each trade, it is better to opt for a lower amount than a high one.

Making the minimum deposit also applies for skilled traders, as they can increase their profitability by making higher trades and growing their deposit in that way. This is particularly essential when an experienced trader is trying out a new platform.


Mistake 2: Opening Multiple Accounts

trading accounts

You may be enthusiastic about making a profit using Binary Options Trading in a short period of time, which could prompt you to open a myriad of accounts across different platforms. Doing this is dangerous, as it will be close to impossible for you to keep track of all these accounts. What will happen is that you will begin to lost your investments, and in the end, will have to start from scratch again. If you are sure that you want to spread your risk in this way, choose a maximum of two brokers and stay in close contact with customer support personnel. This will make it easier for you to manage your trades and your returns.


Mistake 3: Trading without Adequate Research

The information before you may paint a picture that appears as though you will make a great return, but before you take the plunge, ensure that you do some research. This means finding out what is happening in financial markets, particularly with your asset of choice. You may need to speak to an expert, read economic news or follow financial trends. Keep in mind that it is your money you are investing, so you want to make the best possible decision to get a worthy return. With proper risk assessment, you can make a calculated guess and look forward to getting a god return.

Mistake 4: Taking Up All Bonuses


Bonuses can seem like amazing opportunities to increase the amount of money in your account and give you more flexibility as you trade. Having a healthy balance will make you feel better, that is until you realise that your healthy balance is mainly digital and you are unable to withdraw the money as cash. Be careful with bonuses as they can tie you down in various ways, including making you execute a large number of trades so you gain access to the bonus or locking your funds within your account so that you are unable to make a withdrawal.

If you find that the broker you are using gives bonuses to everyone, whether they want them or not, then choose the lowest possible bonus available as this will have the least conditions attached. If you do have a choice on taking up a bonus, it would be best to completely ignore it. Making money can be so much less stressful when you are not concerned with terms and conditions that weigh you and your winnings down.