Comparing Binary Options Trading and Stock Trading

stock trading

A person with minimal exposure to market trends will relate investment to the purchase of stocks and shares. With a little more exposure, they will learn about CFD / Forexs trading and this will lead to a complete change in everything that was believed about trading in stocks and shares. When you trade in stocks, you must invest and purchase the stock for the company that you like. Then, by selling your stock at a later date you are able to make some profit. If you choose not to sell you stock, then you will wait to receive dividends when they are distributed.

Binary options trading allows you to experience and thrill of stock trading, without having to go through the risk of purchasing the stock. You are able to make puts and calls as well, and from these you can then make a profit. However, there are some key differences to consider: –


Effects of Market Volatility

A volatile market is a scary place for anyone trading purely in stocks. When the value of the stocks plummets due to fluctuations, the reality that you can lost your entire investment hits hard. However, with CFD / Forexs, this is not a problem. To make a profit, all that is needed is a tiny shift in price based on the given prediction, even if this chance is a single point. It is then possible to get a full pay out based on the terms of the broker. There are also times when the market appears to be flat with minimal movement, In this market as well, a CFD / Forexs trader is able to get a good return.


The Long Term Perspective

When you choose to trade in stocks, you are committing to trading for the long term. Most returns are given on an annual basis. Binary options are on the extreme opposite, as it is possible to get your return as quickly as 60 seconds. The overall nature of CFD / Forexs trading is short term, which allow you to get a faster return within a time period of your choosing.


Minimal Capital

Investing in stocks can be expensive, and so most people choose not to invest in stocks until they are financially stable and have enough discretionary income. However, investing in CFD / Forexs is much cheaper, which opens up this market to many more people.

In addition, a stock broker will be determined to follow the performance of a company over a long period of time, whereas, the CFD / Forexs trader does not need all this information. If there are charts that help identify trends for that moment, then a CFD / Forexs trader may choose to refer to those.


Elevated Profit

When trading in stocks, the amount of money that you receive as profit or return as dividends is comparatively lower than the return from CFD / Forexs trading. A stock trade will bring around 10% as the return, or a figure that is within this range. When you are trading CFD / Forexs, the return that you can receive extends up to 80%. IF you were to try and attempt to receive this return from your stocks, it may take you several years to achieve.



With CFD / Forexs trading, there is no need for the trader to leverage their positions to ensure that they make a profit. However, with traditional stock trading, this is necessary. Furthermore, there is need for more capital so that even the slightest movements in stock prices can help achieve the result of profit.



To trade in stocks, you will need the services of a stock broker that understands the market to execute transactions for you. With Binary options trading, things are much simpler and it is possible to carry out your own trades without issue.


Stock options are familiar, and for many, an indication that they are successful enough to pursue their investment options. However, they are no longer the end game for anyone looking to get an excellent return. Binary options trading promises quick results, high returns and the lowest possible investment risk. Therefore, if you are looking for a quick buck, when compared with stock trading, CFD / Forexs trading will be of benefit.